Gibson Fleck follows the story of a young man, abandoned as a baby and shunted from family to family across America, looking for a place to call his own. At the age of eighteen, knowing nothing of his original family or even his real name, Gibson stops wandering and begins creating his own roots in New Haven, Connecticut – with a steady job, friends, and perhaps even a relationship. But when an unexpected piece of the past beckons him to Virginia, he is driven to discover his origins and determine the meaning of “home.”GIBSON FLECK has a book by Ali Gordon and Music and Lyrics by A.J. Holmes and Carlos Valdes. It premiered at the University of Michigan in November, 2010. The book recieved the Dennis McIntyre Award for Distinction in Undergraduate Playwriting.

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Ali Gordon, A.J. Holmes, and Carlos Valdes give a TEDx talk about the creation of GIBSON FLECK at the State Theatre in Ann Arbor, MI.